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The client asked us to "translate" into a project the idea of a café to rent for catering and small restaurants. The supporting structure is that of a container that, conquering a new life in the form of a café, fits harmoniously into naturalistic environments.

What guided us in the design were the requirements that the container café had to meet:
- Transportability on trucks and rapid set-up.
- Autonomy in the supply of water and electricity.
- Flexibility of use: the volume of the structure opens up to accommodate more people.
- Use of robust materials at low cost.
- Easy cleaning and low maintenance.
- Essential but at the same time original and distinctive aesthetics.

The development from the idea to the industrializable container café project took place in these phases:
- Interview with the customer to know his objectives.
- Technical drawings for the preliminary, definitive and executive design phases.
- 3D modeling of the structure and rendering to contextualize the container bar in a naturalistic environment.

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