Corporate Gardens Project in Quinto di Treviso

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  • Place

    Quinto di Treviso - Treviso

  • Surface

    90 mq

  • Year of construction


  • State

    Completed project


Interesting proposal for the reorganization of an external area of small size. The small portion of uncultivated land attached to a building civil converted to commercial use is interposed between the path of pedestrian entrance and driveway to the new activity.

The proposed project is interesting for the formal design-for the plurality of spatial areas and biodiversity trees. It does not place any visual filter between the street of the neighborhood and the garden itself, the will is to be experienced and perceived even by passers-by. Pillows formal boxwood border the walkway entrance, flanked by a large patch of perennial herbaceous plants protected by some presences evergreen tree. On the opposite side an interesting composition deciduous shrub subject to variations in color clear finishes dialing.

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