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For the modernisation of their villa, the owners asked us to take care of everything outside. Over the years, the family's needs had changed, making it necessary to both integrate new features and rationalise the existing garden.

We reshaped the front part of the garden, transforming it into an ornamental lawn, a car park and an entrance, providing a covered side canopy, to make it easier to pass through even in bad weather, and a shed that acts as a woodshed. The greenery was integrated with ornamental flowerbeds and a specimen of palmate maple, while a mirrored wall optically amplifies the space.

At the back we organised a winter garden enclosed by an aluminium and glass structure, surrounded by shrubs: an extension of the house accessible from the outside through a sliding door which "disappears" into the fireplace block.

To renovate the garden of this villa we have prepared a project proposal complete with:
- Driveway and pedestrian access.
- Parking area.
- Solarium area and entrance to the house.
- Green works: lawn, flowerbeds, hedges, shrubs and trees.
- Aluminium and glass structure, with foundations, for the winter garden.
- Irrigation and drainage system.
- Lighting system.

The activities for the redesign of the garden developed in these phases:
- Topographical survey of the area.
- Drawing of plans for the preliminary, definitive and executive project.
- 3D modelling and rendering of the planned works to preview their performance.

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