Exclusive Gardens Garden near the lake

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The project of this exclusive garden completes the construction of a villa, in a restricted area of environmental value. We have designed a garden that "dialogues" with the different parts of the house, dividing it into several sectors and themes: a roof garden on the roof, an oriental garden towards which it looks at the sleeping area, a natural wood on which the living room overlooks, a lawn for children's play down to the lake. Finally, the project also includes a parking area lowered in relation to the height of the house, so as not to be in sight.

Our intervention consisted in the design of:
- Green works suitable for a rather cold environment, snowy for several months and not very bright.
- Irrigation system
- Drainage plant
- Lighting system

The project for the garden of the villa was developed in these phases:
- Topographical survey of the property.
- Drawing of the plans for the preliminary, definitive and executive project of the garden.
- 3D modeling and rendering of the works designed to preview the effect.
- Assistance during the construction phase.
- Nursery selection of trees and exemplary subjects.

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