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    3000 mq

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    Developing project


For a villa overlooking the salt pans, we designed the garden by exploiting the differences in height of the hillside on which it is located, creating several levels and emphasising them with stone block retaining walls. The project also included the study of views from inside the house to the outside, in the various directions. Given the climate of the area, in the choice of plants we also opted for typically Mediterranean species such as aromatic plants, olive trees and Quercus pubescens.

For the garden of this villa in Croatia we made a project proposal complete with:
- Driveway and pedestrian path that from the entrance, at the lowest altitude, goes up to the house.
- Green areas: lawn, flowerbeds, shrubs and trees.
- Swimming pool with large solarium.
- Irrigation and drainage system.
- Lighting system.
- Fencing and gates (driveway and pedestrian).

The design for this exclusive garden with swimming pool was developed in the following phases:
- Topographical survey of the area.
- Drawing of the plans for the preliminary project.
- 3D modelling and rendering of the planned works to prefigure the appearance of the garden after a few years, when shrubs and trees will be mature.

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