Exclusive Gardens Modern garden near Venice

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  • Place

    Venice (Italy)

  • Surface

    2500 mq

  • Year of construction


  • State

    Developing project


This garden evokes the client's interest in contemporary architecture and gives continuity to the house. With our project, we defined the paths - driveway and pedestrian - leading from the gate to the house and the surface covering the swimming pool. On the front and sides of the house, large lawns separate the paving. Hedges screen the garden from the road and neighbouring properties, and at the back of the house we have provided a lawn and deciduous trees to close off the background view. Lastly, to enhance the olive tree chosen by the client as an exemplary plant, we designed a steel containing element as a raised base.

We configured this garden to reflect the geometric lines of the villa:
- Paths to connect the entrance, parking spaces, house and pool.
- Infinity pool with liner touch.
- Solarium next to the pool.
- Green areas: lawn, shrubs and trees.
- Lighting system with sculptural lighting fixtures.

For the project of this modern garden we followed the following steps:
- Topographical survey of the area.
- Drawing of the garden plans for the preliminary, definitive and executive project.
- 3D modelling and rendering to preview the final result.
- Assistance during the construction phase.
- Landscape quality equipment.

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