Exclusive Gardens Star Palace in Jesolo

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    Developing project


An exclusive residential complex characterised by a bioclimatic greenhouse, which rises from the ground floor to the sixth floor and acts as a hinge between the three volumes that make up the building. Greenery is the common thread running through this elegant residence in the heart of Jesolo, inspired by nature and wellbeing: a daily presence that enhances, also symbolically, its sustainability and architectural beauty. For Star Palace we have designed different gardens: outdoor and indoor, ground and wall, semi-public and private, in the shade or in full sun.

For this project we were responsible for:
- Selection of plants to be planted for the bioclimatic greenhouse, the hanging gardens, the vertical walls of the SPA/pool, the outdoor flowerbeds and, finally, the private gardens that enrich some flats.
- Design of irrigation and drainage systems.

The tree, shrub and herbaceous species chosen are unusual with respect to local traditions and are the result of careful research into botanical varieties, including exotic ones. In addition to aesthetic criteria, the selection of plants had to take into account maintenance needs, safety requirements and static constraints. For example, for the bioclimatic greenhouse - enclosed by glass surfaces - we preferred evergreen outdoor plants capable of adapting to (winter) conditions of low light and low temperatures.

The activities we carried out for this project were:
- Drawing of floor plans for the preliminary, final and executive design.
- 3D modelling and rendering to preview the details of the different green areas and their overall effect.
- Assistance during the construction phase.

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