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The project for the Rinocciola farm, near Treviso, was aimed at enhancing a flat piece of land - close to the Sile nature park and the ancient Via Claudia Augusta - with a cash crop other than vineyards, which are widespread in the area. We opted for open field hazelnut cultivation with sustainable criteria to produce quality hazelnuts and fine hazelnut oil.

La Rinocciola made it to the finals of the 2016 Oscar Green, the Coldiretti competition that every year rewards the most innovative ideas of young people in agriculture.

For the hazelnut grove, which is cultivated with non-intensive systems, we have planned:
- Planting of hazelnuts, of several species, with a wide planting pattern.
- Sub-irrigation system with drip wings.
- Grassed rows.

The landscape project for the Rinocciola hazelnut grove was developed in the following phases:
- Topographical survey of the area to be cultivated.
- Drawing of plans for the preliminary, definitive and executive project.
- 3D modelling and rendering of the planned works to prefigure the appearance of the hazelnut grove in subsequent cultivation phases.

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