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  • Place

    Vittorio Veneto

  • Surface

    500 mq

  • Year of construction


  • State

    Developing project


A garden at the foot of the Venetian Prealps, where the landscape changes from plain to hillside and, to the north, looks towards the mountains. The owners of the house wanted to make their garden more functional and usable: originally, in fact, the garden was on a slope, with a difference in height of one meter between the house and the lower part. By enhancing the existing trees, which have been preserved, we designed the garden on 2 levels, enhanced by natural stone blocks, and organised a large outdoor living area.

In order to transform the sloping garden into a multi-level garden, we provided:
- Earth moving and installation of natural stone retaining blocks.
- Pathways with draining floor covered in porcelain stoneware.
- Draining outdoor living area paved in porcelain stoneware.
- Green works for turf and flower beds.
- Drainage system.
- Lighting system.

For this project, which we supervised not only in its design but also in its implementation, the activities we carried out were:
- Topographical survey of the area.
- Drawing of plans for the preliminary, definitive and executive project.
- 3D modelling and rendering of the project in order to assess its preview performance.
- Selection of partner companies to carry out the work.
- Assistance during construction.
- Landscape quality equipment.

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