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  • Place

    Villorba - Treviso

  • Surface

    670 mq

  • Year of construction


  • State

    Developing project


The project for the new construction of a home garden in common between two units, tries to rebuild relations between the territorial outdated garden itself, consisting of a historic home, a piece of Venetian countryside homogeneous, an urban street. The property was once attached to the bottom of the neighboring Villa seventeenth century, today, chased some splits estate and the demolition and reconstruction of some buildings, it is autonomous and bounded edges.

Given the structure of the space available, I chose to mark the limits defining them with a formal hedge evergreen Taxus x media "Hillii", this allowed me to maintain consistency with the existing historical and formal to have a greater compositional freedom to internal. On the south side of the garden is closed, to get away from the road while on the north side of the garden allows you to enjoy the surrounding countryside. Three important flowerbeds composed of ornamental grasses interrupt a modest area of turf orienting the view and routes.

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