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  • Place

    Soligo (Italy)

  • Surface

    300 mq

  • Year of construction


  • State

    Developing project


We were responsible for the design and implementation of this private garden project. For the clients it was essential to have a precise idea of the result for their new garden, leaving no room for improvisation. The way we develop projects and the continuity of our support enabled them to keep every step under control.

The garden is on three levels: the first is the entrance and parking spaces and coincides with the street level. The second level, reached by steps, is that of the house and is characterised by a lawn surrounded by flower beds and aromatic plants. The last and highest level, covered in stoneware, protects the privacy of the garden with a hedge. Although not very large, the garden includes both a relaxation area and a furnished outdoor living area and is accessible in all its parts through a path paved in porcelain stoneware.

For this family garden we designed:
- Pathway with draining floor covered in porcelain stoneware.
- Outdoor living area paved with WPC (wood composite).
- Landscaping for turf, flower beds, shrubs and trees.
- Irrigation and drainage systems.
- Lighting system.
- Tool shed.
- Furniture for the relaxation and living areas.

For the project of this garden we followed the following phases:
- Topographical survey of the area.
- Drawing of the plans for the preliminary, definitive and executive project.
- 3D modelling and rendering of the project for a preview evaluation.
- Selection of partner companies to carry out the work.
- Assistance during construction.
- Landscape quality equipment.

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