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Enhance the corporate space and welcome customers in the best way.

In designing greenery we marry a new culture of living in the home, the company, the city, the territory. An eco-sustainable culture attentive to the quality of life, capable of integrating buildings and nature in a regenerating balance that returns benefits of great value.
With our skills in landscape design, agronomy and natural sciences we have an overall and complete vision of green spaces, whether it is gardens, green walls or urban green, as well as urban areas to be redeveloped or quarries to be recovered.
For each project, our working method is the same and starts from listening to your goals, analyzing and measuring the place. A precise method to get, step by step, to carry out the project you want quickly and without unexpected events.

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green outdoor and garden project for companies and businesses

Green is multifunctional. A garden or green walls, outside or inside the company headquarters, enhance an architectural choice. In addition to having a powerful aesthetic impact, they reveal the company's attention to environmental sustainability and the well-being of people. Sometimes green can also serve to minimize the environmental impact of a new construction or expansion.

Our work always starts from the analysis of your needs and the context (soil, climate etc.) which, with the topographic survey of the site, gives us the precise premises to design your company garden and plan the costs of construction and maintenance future. After you have assessed the project in 3D, we will prepare the executive drawings for the construction site and direct the works to carry it out.

Corporate gardens: design peculiarities
photo environmental sustainability and energy efficiency for company gardens, stores, shops and shops

Environmental sustainability and energy efficiency

A corporate garden marked by sustainability is a choice that identifies the company, its culture, emphasizing its attention to the well-being of people and the health of the environment. A choice that implies a rational use of resources - without wasting water and energy first of all - and which translates into immediate concrete cost savings and, in the long run, in greater profitability.

photo of low consumption irrigation systems for companies, shops and shops

Low consumption irrigation systems

We study the most efficient irrigation system for your company garden on the ground, hanging or vertical. Whether underground or on the surface, the specific components must be chosen and an ad hoc scheme must be designed to create an irrigation system that saves you water, energy, fertilizers and at the same time is easy to manage, even from a distance and in a smart way.

road photos and wooded car parks for businesses and retail outlets

Parking spaces with trees

A tree-lined car park not only serves to mitigate the environmental impact of an architectural intervention but to enhance the entrance of a company: it gives the impression of entering a luxuriant park instead of an anonymous asphalted area. In addition, the trees - which we choose carefully, based on the climate, the terrain and the space available - make the external environment much more livable, especially in summer.

viability photos with themed graphics for company offices and shops

Viability with themed graphics

The viability in the company is a crucial factor both from the point of view of the efficiency of the movement of vehicles and people, and from that of safety. We take care of designing the organization of the roads outside your plant and the related signs, including parking lots with the provision of parking stalls for cars and separation flower beds.

green photo hanging for company offices and shops

Green roof

As an alternative or in addition to the "traditional" garden in front of or around the company headquarters, we use roofs and terraces to design green spaces. A roof garden tells those who come to the company a precise identity, a taste for beauty, a sensitivity for well-being and the environment. In fact, in addition to giving prominence to the building and, if necessary, mitigating its environmental impact, green also contributes to improving the microclimate and reducing pollution.

vertical green photo outside for company offices and shops

Green vertical outside

A vertical garden for your company is an aesthetic choice of value, perhaps dictated by the desire to optimize the only spaces available to enjoy the scenic beauty of a lush wall. The vertical green for outdoors, integrated into the building envelope or not, gives proven concrete advantages: winter / summer and acoustic thermal insulation, reduction of the "heat island" effect and pollution.

external lighting photos for company offices, points of sale, shops and shops


Our integrated project for your company garden includes lighting design, which creates the light conditions that best enhance spaces, architecture, vegetation, details from a functional and aesthetic point of view. Thanks to home automation, we customize the lighting both to ensure comfort and safety in every season of the year and at every hour of the day, and to create exciting lighting scenarios.

custom garden photo for company headquarters and shops

Custom garden works

We select the most suitable plants for your company spaces, the type of soil, the climate, sun exposure and the commitment that it will be possible to dedicate to their maintenance. In this way, the garden or green walls will live the optimal conditions for proper growth and to return a pleasant and different multisensory experience in each period of the year.

photo testing for environmental mitigation works

Testing for environmental mitigation works

We test the mitigation or environmental compensation works required by the environmental impact study for the design of a new production plant, for the expansion of an existing building or for other works necessary for the development of your company: for example, wooded areas, wooded car parks , green roof, green recovery of surfaces.

image of plants in an indoor greenhouse

Plants and landscape elements for indoor spaces

We offer hanging gardens and green walls also for interiors, in order to create quality work environments, where the symbiosis between architecture and nature daily brings all the benefits of greenery. Vegetation is no longer a simple "furnishing accessory", but becomes the key to a project that combines a very distinctive design with an attention to well-being in the work spaces.

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