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The art of enhancing and preserving the classic style of an ancient garden.

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Historical analysis, protection and conservation of the identity features of the garden

We take care of the restoration and enhancement of historic gardens of villas and farmhouses, protecting their historical, artistic and naturalistic aspects. We work through archival, documentary and bibliographic research and studies aimed at getting to know the garden, favoring its preservation and recovery of the historical-landscape components. We also analyze the site through climatological, hydrogeological, phytosanitary and soil analysis.

Photo of ancient statue in a classic garden
Photo of classical garden and statue
Photo of a historic villa with a classic style garden
Photo of hedge and maze in classic garden
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Reconstruction of the compositional model and botanical recognition of plant species

Topographic survey of the altimetric planes of the areas, identification of the connotative compositive aspects, evaluation and census of the plant species present and of the historical-architectural and landscape features such as tree-lined avenues, paths, statues, fountains, ponds, orangeries, orchards, pergola.

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Landscape design

Development of new projects for restoration and conservation of cultural assets, historic gardens, plant architecture, providing for the possibility of planning, programming and managing new possible scenarios. We carry out interventions in full respect of the historical, artistic and naturalistic value of the garden, ensuring quality and origin of the selected natural materials and species.

Photo of a design classic garden for historic villa
Photo of flowering colonnade restoration for historic garden
Photo of an ancient classical fountain
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Site assistance and monitoring

General coordination and supervision of works for restoration projects and restoration of historic gardens. We monitor interventions over time and provide advice and assistance for garden maintenance.

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