Farm All Around Organic poultry farming

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  • Place

    Treviso (Italy)

  • Surface

    90000 mq

  • Year of construction


  • State

    Completed project


The customer, a farm that raises egg hens, has gone from conventional to certified organic farm. In order to obtain organic certification, it was necessary to meet the legal requirements, very precise and strict, with a series of interventions.

In order to make the farm compliant with the organic farming system, from the point of view of landscaping we have provided:
Forestry work, i.e. planting trees.Greening works with arable land and tree-lined meadows for grazing.System of mobile enclosures so that the animals can be outdoors, in adequate and shaded spaces.
Our project has developed in these phases:
Topographical survey of the entire farm.3D modeling of the actual state of the area and its buildings.Drawing of the plans for the preliminary, final and executive design phases.3D modeling and rendering of the works designed to prefigure the appearance of the farm when the trees planted will be in adulthood.

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